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I've been a Fandom!Secrets lurker for years. I can't remember how I first found it. I suspect it had something to do with Jellyneo, the first internet forum I remember joining.

Now I thought I'd make an account because...it feels like ages since I've participated in an online community, and I wanted an identity this time round. If my planned fanwork attempts aren't too embarrassing, I might link/talk about them here, too.

FYI, I'm planning to keep all entries public access, because I won't be posting anything too private. And you can comment on this post if you want to ask/tell me something.

ETA (12 Aug 2015): Old lurking habits die hard. I'm both busy and not really in the mood for blogging, so this is the hiatus statement I should have made a couple of months ago. I'm trying to learn programming using online tutorials (for real this time!), so hopefully I'll have something to show for that when I come back here. Have a nice day :)
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Found here through Google, taken from here, but originally from a deleted blog.
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I baked an edible thing this afternoon. Got the original recipe from here.

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